Ms Matchmaker’s Guide to Hong Kong #4: THE Makeover


Some of my lady clients at Lunch Actually simply refuse to believe me when I tell them,

"There are no ugly women, only lazy women…!"

Hence, I was extremely excited to find out that 4 of us (Elaine, Geck Geck, Gin and I) would be undergoing a makeover by Celebrity Stylist Celia Wong! Celia is a well-known stylist in Hong Kong and she has worked with stars such as Kelly Chen and she has also been featured in various magazines.

Our first stop was of course Celia's store/office somewhere at Causeway Bay. The name is cute! dada! 🙂

Celia started out by asking us about our preferred style and our objective for the makeover. For me, I told her that my usual dress style is 'corporate', so I would like to try something different… perhaps something more 'lifestyle'. And I did share with her that my favourite colour is purple.

She got to work really quickly, and chose a purple dress for me. But subsequently, she felt that the dress might not be the best choice, so she chose a second attire for me. I must honestly say that what she has chosen for me is not what I normally would wear… but I guess that's what a makeover is all about right? 🙂

Here's the 'BEFORE' photo, courtesy of Alvin from

Actually, that's not really the 'BEFORE' photo since I had some light makeup on. The following is really the 'BEFORE" photo… after my makeup artist Anita from Make Up For Ever Academy has wiped away the makeup from my face. 😉

As you can see from the BIG grin on my face, I am rather pleased with the make up!

I am so amazed by how BIG she has made my eye appear! I really believe that makeup can do wonders! However, that did take about 1.5 hours though… 🙂

And the 'Finished Product'?

What do you think? 🙂 I am still not sure if this is something I would wear on a regular basis, but it's good to know how I would look in something more frilly and feminine. 🙂

And the team that made it all happen! Celia and Anita!

And here I am, with the rest of the girls – Geck Geck, Gin & Elaine, together with Celia. Photo courtesy of Elaine.

Actually, I have done quite a number of makeovers in the past when I am interviewed by some magazines. But this is the first time that I have had the chance to capture the 'Before' and 'After' process. And I am so happy to share these shots with you.

I hope this has proven once and for all that by spending some time and effort, we can all look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Ms Matchmaker’s Guide to Hong Kong #4: THE Makeover

  1. Wow.. you look gorgeous! I always like makeover, because I love the way the makeup artist makes my eyes bigger and more even. Yes, it is true that if we spend effort dolling up, we would look beautiful. However, I guess because of the busy lives we all live, its hard to really spend 2 hours trying to makeup everyday.
    Having said that, I am a strong advocate of dressing up and making up before a date! Men are still visual creatures! No matter what men say about how he don't bother about what you look like, he loves your internal beauty, etc, etc, they still would like their woman to look good. When I wear minimal makeup or look casual, my boyfriend would gently hint that I would look more gorgeous if I doll up a bit. And this is from a guy who "claims" he doesn't care how or what I look like!


  2. Thanks Celia for your comments and insights. I think other ladies out there would definitely find your views very useful. Many older successful married women have told me, "Women should always doll up because it's our privilege!" 🙂 Think it's good advice!


  3. I love the make over… its true when u enjoy ur make over. But when u wash it its no more fun!!! But true meaning of make over when we could learn how could u do it ur self make up… I'm a beauty consultant and i teach many women to do their 15 mins make up… wish to help other women to look great by teaching them how to groom them self  before they do their lunch date… maybe we could have the class to those who really need my help?


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