Sometimes happiness does not come in 1.75m

Having a chat with hubby just before we go to bed. And we were talking about what some singles are looking for. And sometimes, why some singles have so much difficulty finding love even though they keep searching for it.

Hubby said,

“What they are looking for is happiness…”

“Yes, I agree…” I quipped.

“Maybe you should tell them that sometimes, happiness does not come in 1.75m.”

Often, many of us girls are wired to look for the perfect package. Tall, handsome, witty, charming, sense of humour, confident…

But when it comes down to it, does it really matter how tall he is, or how witty and charming he is if you cannot find happiness with him?

Happiness can be lurking around the corner, and sometimes, it comes in the most unassuming of “packages”.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes happiness does not come in 1.75m

  1. Malaysian women have a raw deal, look around you, majority of the women are far more good looking than their male counterparts, not to mention quite a number are also very intelligent. If one can deal with that, then by all means, am sure happiness is around the corner. Society has the idea that a person ‘must’ be with someone or else that person is surely unhappy or deemed as ‘odd’. It’s great that you’ve started something other than the pub / club scenes but it is also important to inform everyone out there, if they are single (no matter what age), embrace it. Research has shown, women live healthier and longer lives if they are single but for men , they need to be married to live a healthier and longer life. So do the math and think. Who needs who? haha


  2. @anon. agree that there is much to be embraced in being single. there is also much to be embraced in being with someone. very popular is the discourse you refer to, based on the assumption that there is a direct relationship between looks and the quality of the ‘deal’. many a time, the deal clincher really isn’t how good looking or how intelligent a person is. it comes down to how interested the person is in the other party and how interesting the person is to begin with. there is nothing like genuine interest in another person to up the attractive quotient for anyone. by this i do not refer to an animalistic interest but a sincere desire to know more about the other person – motivations, interests, inspirations, emotional quotient. therein would like happiness – a genuine interest to look beyond oneself. society has its fair share of odd social constructs and norms that people subscribe to and perpetuate.
    you know, men and women are both social creatures. fact is that women are better at utilizing their social network to spread their stress whilst men just aren’t like that in general. they tend to share with that one trusted partner and when that partner goes away, it is difficult for many to make the adjustment. i would love to believe that men need women more than women need men. but looks like it is a matter of stress management and social dependency.


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