I love her, but does she love me?

Hi There

I found your blog on romance tracker. I wanted to ask you a question. I have a friend who I may have feelings for. I have never had feelings for someone before and it is pretty scary. Basically it makes my day to just get and email from her. What my question is, is how do I know whether she has feelings for me or not. I am an introvert so talking to her is difficult but we do have a friendship which I feel is pretty strong.

I know she is not ready for a relationship yet but I just want to know how I can see what her feelings are toward me. I am happy if it’s just friendship or if she might have feelings for me I can wait until she is ready for a relationship. I am 29 and she is about 32.




Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your email! Sorry I have taken some time to get back to you, but I have been extremely busy. Hope it is not too late… ๐Ÿ™‚

I think in any relationships, one of the most important ingredients is sincerity. Take tiny steps. If you ask her out for a date, and she does not decline you, she probably is looking to explore this relationship further.ร‚ย With each tiny step, you will have a better idea of her feelings for you.ร‚ย And as you get to know her better through each date, you will also know for yourself whether this is the right one for you.

There are many different levels of love. The type of love that we first experience is often ‘biological’. And sometimes ‘significance’ – wanting someone to be always there for us, having a companionship, or being seen as special to that someone.

However, the type of love that lasts a lifetime is a different type of love altogether. It is what I call ‘meaning’. As you have stated in your email, she might not be ready at the moment for a relationship. However, you can build ‘meaning’ with her. With both of you having a strong friendship, that is a good start. The best relationships or marriages are when the couple are best friends, and they just love to spend each and every minute with each other.

Here’s to wishing you all the best, and may you find your happiness soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sincerely, Violet

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7 thoughts on “I love her, but does she love me?

  1. Hi Ms Match,
    I found this page that someone were there to ask you questions.

    I am having a lot of qestions related to relationship. I was born and grew up in Malaysia, I came to study in local university for 3 years for my degree. I am a very conservative gal that I did not have any real relationship with any men even when I was studying in university.

    I admitted that actually I have many suitors but they are all not my Mr Right. I thought that I am complicated but in fact that I do have someone I really want to stay with.

    I met a man from one of the match making website. Out of 100 men that I met, he is the only one who was really grab my attention. It was three years ago, and I didn’t like him in the 1st sight, but it’s lust in first sight. Hahah…Unfortunately, we lost our contact and we didn’t meet up again after the first met.

    3 years ago now, I think that I should let him know about my feeling to him. I checked on the website, he was still there. Therefore, I emailed him again. I got his reply for the first mail. He actually called me immediately through a phone and unfortunately I missed his call as I was away from my room in my office. So, he sent me an sms. I called him back , but there’s no respond from his phone.

    I keep emailing him or about few months and I finally got his reply. He said he lost the phone and my no. And he would like to catch up with me soo.

    Dear, Ms Match, I was happy for getting his reply but the thing is he didn’t contact me after more than a month. Yet, I keep waiting here again and again…

    He is professional man who is very very busy with his work. He flies ever often due to his work and shedules. That’s what I know. As I know he was still single after 3 years we met.

    I have questions here,
    I like him very much but does he like me???

    I admitted I am quite a fussy gal but I do not need a man who has a big house or car for me. Although I have even think of to marry a millionair. I am normal? for my sudden changed of mind.

    I am now having a bit of financial trouble and it caused me to suffer depression. Due to my depression, I can’t consider on my job indeed. Will a man accept someone like me especially I dunno what he will feel about me?

    I thining to leave Spore to overseas for long term, I dunno if I should. Sahll I wait for him here or……

    Thank you,
    Yours Sincerely,


  2. Ah Ms Violet,
    I am wondering…

    3 years ago and 3 years later. I am still here liking him.

    If I see him in real again, I ‘d like to shout at him” Hey, I want to marry you!”. Life so short, I just hope that I would be given a chance t o see him again.

    “He never say yes and he never say no.” What shall I do?



  3. that’s true. the best relationships are built up on baby steps, where you take time getting to know each other, and then developing the relationship further. this ebook I’m reading has something to say about this: that love, even if it isn’t sexual love, develops with a lot of effort. but first, you gotta take the initiative. ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Just want to say to the guy to have courage and confess his feelings to the lady before it’s too late. Nobody would know how he feels if he doesn’t voice out. So don’t procrastinate, be courageous and true to yourself!


  5. Hi Nicole –
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and giving great advice! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Kira-
    Welcome to my blog… and yes, I agree… sometimes we just have to take the risk and tell our feelings before it’s too late…


  6. All guys and ms Match,

    I am just confused by his respond…shall I continue to email him??and what are those appropriate words that I could use? I am a very shy gal.

    Thanks guys,


  7. Hi Kira,

    Really what u said is true…nobody will know and I ‘d never know whether he has a feel on me?


    Really ?I need to take the risk?Ough…just feel so hard to tell him.



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