Million ringgit fairy-tale wedding the talk of the town

This is amazing… and Mr. Joshua Beh has my utmost respect… may your love last for all eternity…!

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3 thoughts on “Million ringgit fairy-tale wedding the talk of the town

  1. Hey! Don’t be so prejudiced! :p

    Actually research has shown that people who have different sexual orientations are born that way. It’s something to do with the chemicals in the brain… I am not sure of the exact facts… but I mean I am sure people would not want to choose to be perceived as ‘freaks’…

    Let’s be more open-minded ya! 🙂


  2. i think jessie and joshua are 2 very courageous people. i dont think pple who have different sexual orientation from the ‘normal’ ones choose how they love. Common sense tells us that no one wants to be ostracise and laughed at.. i think individuals like jessie go through enough struggle on their own to finally accept themselves. so dont be too quick to judge others who may be different from us.


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