No Strings Attached?

by on Feb 10, 11

No Strings Attached?

When I first saw the 'No Strings Attached' trailer, I thought to myself… I would like to watch this show… mainly because I have always enjoyed Natalie Portman's acting. Hence,...

A Heartwarming Note from a Reader!

by on Sep 30, 09

Dear Readers, I received a very heartwarming note on a Monday morning. It really instantly brightened up my day, and it was a great start to the week. It is from one of my LUNCH Actually clients who...

Film Review: Twilight

by on Feb 06, 09

A few weeks ago, Jamie and I went to watch Twilight at the cinema. Ironically, it was Jamie who suggested that we watched it because so many of our female friends have been swooning about how the...