Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008 | Thank YOU!

by on Oct 22, 08

Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008 | Thank YOU!

Dear Readers, Some of you have been asking me about this award nomination that we received a couple of months ago… Am so sorry that I have not updated you on the latest status as I have been so...

Not ‘Single, Desperate & Ugly’ at all!

by on Jul 12, 08

Did I tell you that I have been invited to another wedding recently? Two of our clients got married. And it was a real grand affair. It was held at one of the poshest (is there such a word?) hotel...

Spirit of Enterprise 2008 Award | Your vote counts! ;)

by on Jul 02, 08

Dearest Readers, Jamie and I have been nominated for a Singaporean award that aims to encourage entrepreneurial spirit. After sending out 10,000 dates, having 85% of these dates being rated as...