Lovely News… A Reminder of Why I Love What I Do :)

by on Dec 11, 08

Had a call from a local magazine today. They are looking for ladies who have found love in their 30s. So, they wanted my help to check with our clients if they are willing to be interviewed. It was...

My Day Off

by on Sep 04, 08

Today, I decided to take a day off. I talked to my ‘Boss’, and he said, “Ya, go ahead… spend some time at home with Babe.” Truth is, I did not know how much I needed...

My Favourite Boys :)

by on Mar 30, 08

My Favourite Boys :)

After some hectic weeks, finally had some quality time with the family. Brought babe to East Coast Park. It was his first Beach day-out! We built sandcastles, had ice-cream (at least hubby and I...