Quick Update 22.09.08

In case you have not noticed, I have just changed my blog’s outlook. :)

Also, have put up a new poll! This is a fun one, and think it is interesting to see what the results would be. So go vote now! :)

Just got back from New York, so lots of backlog to clear… will be posting up a new blog entry soon. Meanwhile, you have a great week ahead! :)

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3 thoughts on “Quick Update 22.09.08

  1. After reading the article “To Be Chivalrous or Not”, I felt that there is something I need to voice out. While urging the man to be Chivalrous, you forgot to ask if the woman is comfortable with such act.

    I happen to be one of the few Singaporean man, as claimed by most of my lady friends and acquintances, to consistently open the car door for ladies, all the time without fail, including my mum and granny. It’s been a habit since I started driving. I strongly believe in being chivalrous. From my experiences, half the time, ladies are uncomfortable with such an act. I can relate some stories. Sometimes, the lady would insist on opening the door herself. Sometimes I don’t get another date due to opening the door for the lady (it’s real!). And sometimes, when a group of ladies is approaching my car, the more concious ones, would run to the other side of the car and open the door themselves, just to escape the “trial”. I find it weird, and asked myself, am I doing something which I shouldn’t be doing? Nonetheless, till today, I’m still opening car doors for ladies.

    Perhaps, the average Singaporean man, did tried to be chivalrous, but was discouraged by ladies around them? Perhaps this is due to us growing up in families where the word “chivalrous” does not exist? Just some food for thoughts.



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