Ssshhh… it’s a Secret!

by on Mar 20, 08

I have not been updating my blog regularly as I have been working on a ‘secret’ project. And since the project is no longer  a secret… I can tell you about it now…! Haha!...

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I met Eunice Olsen!!!

by on Mar 18, 08

I met Eunice Olsen!!!

Haha… do I sound like a crazy and excited teenager, screaming after meeting my idol? Hehe! 🙂 Anyway, yes, I met Eunice Olsen today as our company has been invited to be featured on Episode 5...

Boyfriend vs. best friend: Who do I choose?

by on Mar 07, 08

Dear Violet, My boyfriend and best friend HATE each other they fight over the stupidest resons like who do I have dinner with and who do I go to the movies with on the weekends and I can’t take...