Thursday Tips from Ms. Matchmaker: 13 things I would do if I were Single and Looking for Love

1. Search up a great image consultant. Revamp my image. Get a new haircut. Have a complete makeover. As they say, first impressions count.

2. Enroll in a personal makeup class. Learning from the magazines is going to take too long a time. Knowing the right techniques and skills can immediately make me feel more confident.

3. Set aside at least 2 going-out nights a week. Never mind I have no plans as yet. I will fill it up.

4. Read recommended dating and relationship books. Even if I just get one or two tip from each book, it’s worth it. Giordana Toccaceli also has great relationship advice.

5. Search up my old address books and start establishing contacts with long lost friends or colleagues. You never know where you will find love. Or they might know of someone who is a good match for me.

6. Take up a new hobby that I have always wanted to do. Re-discover my passion for life, as people who are passionate about life are attractive.

7. Be a happy person. Men searching for love are looking for a woman to make their life happier. Nobody wants to date a girl who is negative and complains all the time.

8. Join one or two reputable dating service. It’s all about casting your net wider. There probably are some quality men who join dating services that I would not meet on my own.

9. Make myself available. Let my friends know directly or subtly that I am up to being a fourth wheel should she go out with her boyfriend and boyfriend’s friend.

10. Go for networking events. Be friendly and approachable. Be genuinely interested in people. And follow up whether it’s a girl or a guy. You will never know who you will be introduced to by my new friends. 🙂 It’s always good to be widening my social circle.

11. Hire a dating coach. It’s better to know where I am screwing up, and what action steps I can do to drastically bring me up the learning curve.

12. Stop wasting time staying at home. Realize that I am not going to meet any single and available men by staying at home doing my laundry.

13. Stay positive. Because I know that the most important thing is to have a positive mindset. Things might not go my way in the beginning, and I might even encounter many challenges along the way. The important thing to know is that I am getting closer to my objective with each step that I take.


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6 thoughts on “Thursday Tips from Ms. Matchmaker: 13 things I would do if I were Single and Looking for Love

  1. Violet, I think that’s a great list. The only thing that I’d add is to stay safe when going on dates – always let a friend know where you’re going; ideally choose a venue where you’re known.


  2. image consultant,
    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 I agree with you… it’s always important to let people know where you are going especially if it’s a blind date or someone you have met online. 🙂

    Hehe 🙂 Happy TT too!

    Actually I am married. 🙂 This is a list I came up with based on my personal experience as a matchmaker! 🙂


  3. For women in their late 30’s, it is quite difficult to meet men, even agencies can’t find them any date. Where are the places one can go?


  4. Hi Blue,
    Thanks for dropping by! I think dating is a numbers game, especially for women in their late 30s. Some of the options are utilising online dating sites. Find out the credible and reputable ones. Another is to attend more networking events, social activities to widen your social circle. Because even if you do not meet the right men there, you might meet people who can introduce you to the right men. And always keep an open mind and a positive attitude! Good luck! 🙂


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