When you are 60…

60.jpgIn the last 2 weeks, I witnessed two men celebrating their 60th birthday. Last week, I attended a friend’s 60th birthday celebration party. And yesterday, I celebrated my dearest daddy’s 60th birthday.

My friend’s celebration was a fairly big-scale and public one, held at a 5-star hotel, with 440 invited guests. It was a grand celebration, and the guests, including myself, really enjoyed the skit put up by his children and extended family.

My dad’s celebration was a low-key and private one. Hubby and I treated my parents, my in-laws, my grandma-in-law and our darling son to a restaurant for buffet where we stuffed ourselves silly. And later, we had a cake-cutting ceremony at home with 6 candles on my daddy’s birthday cake.

60th birthday. 2 very different birthday celebrations. 1 thing that I observed is how contented these 2 men are.

As young adults… We work so hard to climb the corporate ladder. We party so hard because we do not want to miss out. We travel so much as we want to see the world.

Yet, when we are 60… what would means the most to us? It seems to me when these 2 men reach the age of 60, their family means the most to them. They both are happily married. Both have children, and grandchildren. Throughout the night, they are happily cuddling their grandson in their arms.

Even at my friend’s grand celebration, though he is an accomplished businessman, nothing much was mentioned about his career and his business achievements. The focus was on his family, and on honouring his father. He launched the education fund that he and his sibilings set up in his father’s name.

That set me thinking. How would I want my life to be when I am 60?

When I am 60, when I look back, what would make me feel most proud of?

Would I want to have an accomplished career? Or do I want to be an adoring grandmother? Or if I work hard on my time management, I can have both? 😉

What about you? Who would you want to be, when you are 60?

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  1. Louise Fon /

    happy belated birthday to unker fabian!

    60 is a milestone indeed. think its different for everyone. at 60 i wanna party and not wurry abt anything at all.


  2. Hello Cuz,

    Good to see you here! 🙂 Hehe, I am sure you will live your dream! 😉

    Don’t be stressed with the wedding planning ok? 🙂


  3. naturally, when you’re 60, the venture in career would have ended? unless u have an empire (which i think u will at the rate you’re going with this biznes :)) which i think will be passed down to the next generation already by then.

    if there is nothing else to worry about eg. financial wise. of course an adoring grandma will be nice, thats all i think we will be capable of doing when we’re 60..physically.enjoying life & family.


  4. Hi CT,
    Welcome to my blog… Thanks for your encouagement! 🙂 And yes, I hope that when we are all 60… we will still be physically fit and enjoying life with our family. 🙂


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