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wedding-blog.jpgThere are many websites out there that provide tips on wedding preparation, some are more relevant than others.

I have come across a wedding blog recently that is interesting, as well as ‘made localized’ for Singaporeans or Malaysians. Some of you might know the author of this blog too, as he is a frequent visitor of my blog. 🙂

Jhong Ren started his blog after seeing many of his friends needing wedding ideas and relationship advice while planning their weddings. His site has many ideas and checklists for newly engaged couples wondering how to go about planning for the big day!

In one of the posts, Jhong Ren shares 5 ways to understand your spouse better. If you are have recently gotten engaged and wondering what to do next, or if you have been assigned the role of bridesmaid or best man, and not sure what you can do to help the bride and groom… do visit this website. 🙂

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  1. real cool to hav such guide/links on this topic….there must be lots of ppl viewing it daily…keep it up!


  2. Hi Johnny,
    Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Thanks for the support and encouratement. Will continue to source out interesting blogs for your reading pleasure! 🙂


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