If you were Susan, would you choose Mike or Ian?

by on Jul 31, 07

Watched Desperate Housewives on TV last night. Hubby and I rarely watch TV nowadays, and one of the sitcoms that we watch is DH. 🙂 So, anyway on the episode yesterday, Susan had to make a...

Accreditation for Singapore Dating Agencies

by on Jul 20, 07

To ensure quality and professionalism, bona fide dating agencies in Singapore can now apply for the SDU (Singapore Development Unit) Trust Mark. Was at the press conference yesterday when MCYS...

What are You Passionate About?

by on Jul 12, 07

A couple of hours ago, I attended a concert with my dearest hubby. I have not gone to Esplanade for a concert for like ages. I think the last time I went was 4 years ago, when I was still working...

Blog Plug: Romance-Fire.com

by on Jul 04, 07

Blog Plug: Romance-Fire.com

There are many websites out there that provide tips on wedding preparation, some are more relevant than others. I have come across a wedding blog recently that is interesting, as well...

Running out of Romantic Ideas?

by on Jul 01, 07

Running out of Romantic Ideas?

Came across a really cool blog lately. It is entitled Romance Tracker, and the tagline of this blog is “Old-Fashioned Romantic Ideas for Modern Relationships”. You might be thinking that...