Blog Plug: Charming but Single

This blog is written by a gal who is 27, who lives in the South (US). As described by her in her ‘About’ page, she writes about dating, not dating, online dating, thinking about dating, vowing never to date again, bad dates, good dates, non dates, and her frequent frustration with the male species. 🙂

Her blog is an easy and very compelling read. Very real, very direct, very frank. When reading her blog, I can feel myself being there with her as she manoeuvres the dating circuit. She’s funny and witty too. I love the way she looks at things. I particularly thought this post was quite funny. Imagine really writing such a letter to a guy you have just gone out with! Haha! 🙂

What are you waiting for? 🙂 Go check it out now!

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8 thoughts on “Blog Plug: Charming but Single

  1. Hi Jo,

    How have you been? Thanks for dropping by again! 🙂 Definitely will share more interesting sites when I come across them. Take care!



  2. hi violet! i was bit down lately.
    well, i hope i will be happy again very soon!
    if i do need some advises can i drop you an email?
    till then, take care 🙂


  3. Hi Jo! 🙂

    Hope you are feeling much better now! Life is full of peaks and valleys. The secret is not to dwell in the valleys for too long, and start reaching out for the peaks again. 🙂 Feel free to drop me an email anytime… take care!

    Love, Violet


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