Meme: The Face Behind the Blog


I have been tagged by Doris. :) Quite an interesting meme… as the name suggests, it is the face behind the blog. 😉


This is one of my corporate photos… taken earlier this year at the office.


These are my dearest parents. So, who do I look like? :) This photo is taken about 6 years ago when they came to UK to attend my graduation.


And this is taken in 2005 when Jamie and I tied the knot. :) When people saw this photo, they were like, wah… what a nice shot… what they did not know is that we took many many shots to get this one ‘perfect’ shot. :)


This is my best friend Tsiao Yi and I. We were singing ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ dedicated to my parents. Tsiao Yi has been my best friend for the last 15 years. :) She is one amazing doctor! :)


These are some of my closest girlfriends. I love this shot! From left to right: May, Esther, me, Chin, Tsiao Yi, Lilian


Jamie and I on our honeymoon in Chiang Mai. :)


The love of our life – our darling son – Corum Alexander Lee. When he came to this world on 11 Nov.


And this is when he is about 4 months old. :)


This is one of our rare ‘family portrait’ as I am usually the one behind the camera. :)

Hope you have gotten to know the the face behind the blog. 😉 And now, it is time to tag… for this tag, I would like to tag Jhong Ren, Leah and Jessica. Enjoy searching for photos! :)

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3 thoughts on “Meme: The Face Behind the Blog

  1. Hey V, thanks for sharing those lovely photos – Clayton looks like your girl too when he was born – lol! Love your wedding photos and I think you resemble dad. Take care!


  2. Wei, that’s one good looking chap you and your hubby produced, although he doesn’t seem to like to have his picture taken with you guys in the last shot, hehe. Just Kidding… :-)

    Have a great weekend, Violet. :-)


  3. Hi Doris,
    Hehe, my baby is a boy actually 😉 It was fun doing this meme actually! :)

    Hi Rudy,
    Good to see you here again. :) Thanks for your compliments. Hehe yeah, he was being grouchy that day 😉


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