Yay! Eteract.com is one of the recipients of The Partner Connection Fund!

Dearest readers,

Sorry for the long absence. Have been extremely in the past week preparing for the announcement of our new project – Eteract.com

Read more about it here:


We have been awarded The Partner Connection Fund, and are in the midst of developing the portal. If you are interested to be informed about the launch, visit http://www.eteract.com and subscribe to our updates.

Will be blogging more in a bit…! Have a great weekend ahead!

Sincerely, Violet

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  1. congrats!!! may u soar to a higher level!!!


  2. congratulations !!!!!!

    really happy for you! though does this meant that you will be in KL less often?



  3. yesterday i was browing the Strait Times n saw this news….

    good that now SDU is going to retire…and pass their big responsibiltiies to private operators like yours..conrgats and may u soar to greater height!!!


  4. Jhong Ren-
    Thanks! 🙂

    Haha… not so bad la… I still come back every 2 months. 🙂


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