Who would You Date: Banker, Pilot or Teacher?

by on Feb 25, 07

Got a call from a journalist a few nights earlier about a story she was writing. Apparently, there was a poll conducted in US, and the findings were… young women in US nowadays prefer men who...

My Birthday Date

by on Feb 21, 07

Today’s my birthday. I am now 27 years old. A dear friend messaged me today and said, “Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful 27! Sensitive figure huh? :)” I guess he has met many...

Ms Matchmaker wishes you ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

by on Feb 14, 07

Busy busy busy! Dream date campaign has been a success so far, having been featured in Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Channel 5, Shin Min etc. Just wanted to drop a quick note to wish all my dear...

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Mr. Motivated & Ms. Self-Improvement

by on Feb 03, 07

Ok, my dear readers, this is the ‘Best Match’ story that I promised you. Have been keeping this story under wraps, as the press article just came out today, hence did not want to...

My Dream Date

by on Feb 01, 07

My Dream Date

Hello my dear readers… If you have been wondering what I have been busy with for the past couple of weeks, THIS is what I have been working on… 🙂   Presenting ‘My Dream...