Mr. Nice & Ms. Natural

He is in his late 20s, a financial analyst with an international financial institution. He looks like one of those guys that you will be very happy to bring home to meet your mum. Wears specs, look very decent. Very ‘good guy’ type. 🙂

And his dream girl? He’s looking for a girl who is simple, and preferably does not wear make-up as he feels natural is beautiful.

I have never met him personally, but I have spoken to him over the phone. Until one day, we needed a ‘volunteer’ for a magazine write-up. A male magazine wanted to do a makeover for one of our male clients. Part of the story was that they wanted to sit in on the consultation that we do with our clients. So, we invited Mr. Nice to the office again, and I became his consultant.

By then, he has been on about 5 dates. The dates went ok, but nothing really worked out.

After going through the consultation with him, I learnt more about him – his values, and what he holds most important. One of the questions that I like to ask during consultation is… what are the five things or people that you cannot live without. And I will never forget his answer, as it was just so different from what people usually say…

He said, “Sunshine.” 🙂

So, after getting to know him more, I decided to match him up with Ms. Natural, who first of all does not wear make-up. She’s in her mid 20s, and she’s an assistant manager in Retail. And when looking for her Mr. Right, the important attributes are – serious, tactful and intellectual.

And so, they went on their first date coordinated by us!

He said… “She is exactly the type of girl I am looking for!” and she said, “The date was kind of rushed, because he had to rush back to work, but we had a really good time!”

And they met up again 3 days later. And not long after, they both put their membership on hold as they are dating each other exclusively! 🙂

Oh, you know what is the funniest thing? At the end of the day, the media interview did not go through as they decided to change the angle of the story.

But, boy, I sure am glad I met up with Mr. Nice for the ‘mock’ consultation!

Thus, my advice to our members is… if your initial matches are not working out, do not give up. Just give us a buzz, or drop by for another consultation, as the 2nd consultation just might do the trick!

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5 thoughts on “Mr. Nice & Ms. Natural

  1. Well, it always feel so nice and happy to hear that the match went successfully and people gets to find their other half.

    I always believe in faith but sometimes did wonder, is there really someone out there for everyone? If yes, where’s mine? Did i miss out someone or something that have always been there by my side that i didnt notice? The answer, i do not know.

    True that, giving up might be the easiest way out as mentally tiredness consume the mind but keeping a little hope with me and yourself to stay positive once a while is always better than losing hope.

    For Mr Nice & Ms Natural’s case, i really hope they will cherish each other and keep their relationship blossoming to the next level 🙂 It’s pretty hard to find someone who loves you as much as you love him. So, once you found him/her, be appreciative.

    I guess Mr Nice gets his reward for doing a good deed in volunteering 🙂

    Violet: Hi Carol, always have faith! 🙂 And yes, I think what you said is true… Mr. Nice got rewarded for his good deed. 🙂


  2. Nice to hear of success stories between an average looking guy and an average looking girl. Something like a girl-next-door meets boy-next-door, but with your help in this case!

    Violet: I like the way you put it. Girl-next-door meets boy-next-door. And yes, they look absolutely lovely together… 🙂 Very sweet looking couple. 🙂


  3. Interesting couple indeed! These two are rare breed in the modern days. Hope to hear good news, before you know it, you can hear the wedding bells.

    Violet: Yup, the team and I, we are looking forward to the wedding bells! 🙂


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