QQ,QA #1: About First Love

by on Sep 29, 06

QQ,QA #1: About First Love

“Is it true you never forget your first love? If so, how can you be sure of your partner’s feelings… especially if you’re not his/her first love, wondering if they are...

Quick Questions, Quick Answers

by on Sep 25, 06

My friend Wai Kea posted 8 relationship questions in her blog a while ago. I think many of them are questions that we frequently ask ourselves, or even discuss with friends… but often not...

Mr. Nice & Ms. Natural

by on Sep 13, 06

He is in his late 20s, a financial analyst with an international financial institution. He looks like one of those guys that you will be very happy to bring home to meet your mum. Wears specs, look...