What’d you like to read about?


Dear Readers,

Thanks for your support thus far! 🙂

See the poll on your right? To increase your reading ‘satisfaction’, help me out by voting on what you would like to read most about ok? 🙂

Thanks, and have a great week ahead!

Sincerely, Violet

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5 thoughts on “What’d you like to read about?

  1. hi violet,
    though i voted, any topic is ok for me.
    i find that your personal style and anecdotes and stories are what keep your blog engaging.
    plus of course the commitment to put out regular content!


  2. raise up my hand n leg!!
    love to read lots of diff fictions..
    i.e. about life…about relationship & romance..about human being behavior.. self-help / improvement..lifesytle update? perhaps something humour me..:)

    keep up the good work!!:)


  3. Hi Andrew –
    Thanks for your word of encouragement! 🙂 Haha, thanks for your motivation for me to keep putting up regular content! 🙂

    Hehe… thanks for voting… and the nice compliment! 🙂 Really made my day! 🙂


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