The many uses of scotch tape…

It’s currently 4:56am, and I am awake.

The reason? I am suffering from sore throat. Argh! I am one of those people who breathe through the mouth… so you can imagine how difficult it is to have a good night sleep when you just feel like tearing your tonsils out.

I even resorted to ‘taping’ up my mouth with scotch tape the last time I had a bad bout of sore throat. I know… desperate situation calls for desperate measures…

Anyway, I only have myself to blame for my current predicament. I know I really should not have overdone on the ‘tom yam’ soup. (For the benefit of those who have never had tom yam soup – it’s a spicy Thai soup made with prawns + other seafood and lemongrass. And yes, it’s super yummy!). But I just could not help it! I have been having this crazy craving for tom yam soup for the last 2 weeks.


Anybody know of any quick remedy to get rid of sore throat? Help!!!

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11 thoughts on “The many uses of scotch tape…

  1. Have you tried ‘Fisherman’s Friend’? It’s kinda like Lozenges, and it cools down your throat. 🙂

    BTW, I also love ‘Tom Yam’ soup… 🙂

    Have a nice weekend, Violet. And hopw your Throat clears up soon. 🙂


  2. Violet, how about giving “Difflam” lozenges a try? They have an anti-inflammatory action to provide effective relief of the symptoms of sore throats. You can buy the lozenges from pharmacies (eg. Guardian) and you need to ask the pharmacist for them.

    Hope your sore throat can get better soon. It must feel so terrible not being able to sleep well! I have chanced upon your blog recently when I was searching the internet for stuff on “Lunch Actually” and I’m glad that I have found your blog because your entries are such enjoyable reads! Keep up the good work 🙂

    And I have decided to sign up for your co.’s membership. Someone told me before that life is like a battery. Whatever the issue is, there is always a positive and a negative side to it. I like to think of myself as pathetic because I never seem to meet the right guy. But then again, maybe my fate has not arrived yet? So I will be pro-active and never give up trying.

    Hope you get well soon! Take care.


  3. Try gargling with lukewarm salt water.
    Hehe…I had a craving for Tom Yam soup the other day too, guess I was even more masochistic, drank an entire bowl when I had a huge apthous ulcer on my lip!

    Hope you get better soon.
    Take care.


  4. I have the same thing, in fact I’m laying in bed while I type. I started drinking throat coat tea-, and hot water with ginger/lemon and salt it has a slippery efffect, and zinc losenges help. My throat feels fine and now I’ve moved into head cold territory. Hope you feel better soon. -take care


  5. Yikes! The dratted sorethroat.

    Visiting the pharmacist to get a better prescription would be a good idea. If that fails, guess you have to see the doctor. Strepsils and the like seldom work for me.

    Oh yes, in the meantime, boost up the immunity system.

    Get well soon.


  6. join the club.. i am having one myself… even have fever.. back at work now.. typing from my desk… can’t wait till 5… well.. listen to the pharmacist *ahem* .. you need some painkiller to numb your throat… panadol lor.. since i take them myself … sore throat is all symptom relief… difflam lozenges will numb your throat as well, because it contains local painkiller that numbs your throat… what else.. strepsils all that not curing, but it moist your throat , plenty of water, early bed time, dose yourself with multivitamin

    btw, how was the reunion? i dreamt of it in sydney..


  7. Sore throats are a side effect of ‘other’ issues – try to locate these issues first, in the meantime:

    1. Gargle with Salty Water (often)

    2. Gargle with TCP (often)

    3. ‘Throaties’ – eat the whole pack, its only sweet/lozenge that works for me (they are not vegetarian if that bothers you)

    4. Intravenous Antibiotic injection – went from really really sore throat to no sore throat in 12 hours (when i went into hospital)


  8. Hi Violet…hope you’re feeling better. Anyway…you can try starfruit juice (purely just starfruit juice with no ice). It works for me! rest well.


  9. Hi All,

    I am feeling much better now!

    Thank you for all your suggestions! You guys are so great! I am so touched by all your notes!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! 🙂

    Irene, Kime, TY… hope you get better soon too! 🙂

    And the next time I get sore throat (I hope I don’t for a long long time), I know where to find great remedies! 🙂

    Once again, thanks for your support and encouragement… you guys are simply fantastic! 🙂



  10. ONE,

    Love your positive attitude! 🙂 That’s the way to go girl! And thanks for your support in my blog! Will keep the postings coming… 🙂

    Have a great week ahead!



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