Ms Casual & Mr. Simple

When I first set my eyes on her, I knew that she’s not your typical PMEB (Professional, Manager, Executive, Businessman).

She’s in the education industry, but not your typical teacher as well. Frankly, I find it difficult to place her in a certain category or group. She was dressed casually for our consultation, a tad bit too casual. She was in boots, T-shirt and cargo pants. I was getting worried, thinking if she would wear the same to her dates.

We had a nice chat… where I learn more about her, her dating preferences and her outlook in life. I found out that she did not used to be such an outdoor person but taking part in outdoor activities has boost her social circle, not to mention her confidence.

She is not someone guys would be instantly attracted to from a physical aspect, but there’s a certain childlike innocence to her. And she’s definitely an optimistic and cheerful lady. I like her. 🙂

As we chatted, I had in mind a person to match her up with. But of course I did not tell her at our initial consultation, just in case the guy decides to put himself on hold before I could fix up the date.

After processing her membership, to my delight, the guy that I had in mind is still available for dates!

He’s a simple and down to earth guy. He does not earn a lot at the moment but he’s working hard to build up his career. From the feedback that we have received from his previous date, he’s a sincere and sweet guy who’s also a gentleman. What I really like about him is the fact that he has realistic expectations and he goes into each date taking it as a new and positive experience.

So, here we go! I did the match! 🙂 Let’s see what happens…

He was on time, and she was just 5 minutes late. She apologized and he graciously accepted her apology, and also took into account that it was raining.

My worries about her dressing was unfounded. He commented that she dressed smartly and carried herself well. He even said that he found her smile attractive! 🙂

She initiated most of the conversation at first, but as he got more comfortable, he too started initiating conversation. The date went on so well that it went pass the 2 hours mark!!! It ended on a positive note too! As she does not drive, he offered to wait with her for a taxi (what a gentleman!). They exchanged contact numbers, and they would like to see each other again.

And… when asked if they felt any instant chemistry or sparks? They both gave a resounding YES! 🙂 Heard that he has been SMSing her regularly as well, and they are planning for a second date.

Wow, happiness! And the both rated the match as ‘Good’!

This is what being a matchmaker is all about isn’t it? Knowing that you have helped in contributing to someone’s happiness! 🙂

I will be keeping an eye on this two to see if it develops further, and if it does, I will let you know too!

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8 thoughts on “Ms Casual & Mr. Simple

  1. dear violet,

    i’ve been stalking yr diary for quite sometime… uh huh, just silently reading your stories…nice, i must say 🙂

    but today, your entry brought a smile to my face … donno why but it does warm this lil’ heart here when i read the story…

    well, suffice to say, i might need your ‘consultation’ one of these days… LOL!


  2. Hi Angel!
    Thanks for breaking the silence. 🙂 Love to read more of your comments. Yup, I was really excited when I heard about the development of this date as well! 🙂

    Ya, I am getting better. Thanks for your concern! 🙂 The running nose has almost stopped… Yup, let’s keep our fingers crossed!! Hehe!


  3. Hey Fabulana! 🙂
    Am glad that you enjoy the post! 🙂
    This is going be a monthly instalment. I will be sharing the best match I make every month, stay tuned! 🙂


  4. Good job, Violet! It is nice hearing about matches turning out well. You set the bridge, and it is all up to them after that, no? 🙂

    I wouldn’t mind consulting you, if I am not happily taken. 😛


  5. Hey Iblogme 🙂
    Thanks for your compliments. Yeah, our role is to be the introducer, and what happens after that is up to them. 🙂
    Haha… yeah, I read about your V-Day tribute! Nice one!


  6. Hi Violet,
    I have always become your silent reader till today. And I have read your book on the lesson from 15000 first dates and some are repetitions from your blog which i remembered :P. I really loved your blog and once in a while, I will read for new insights and learning. I was hoping to see your blog on valentine count down till the day itself, but somehow it stopped till 3 or 4th day. I guessed you were so busy then. Even though, we did not have a chance to meet up before. But, I feel grateful that I join lunch actually (L.A) and, you know… currently I am in relationship and I met him through L.A. So, I want to say Thank you for everything. Even though we just started and don't know where we are going to end up. It is a happy and suprising miracle for me :). Btw, I looked through your blog, and wanted to know more about relationship insights and advices especially to those who are not experienced one haha… Probably you have some book recommendations?? kindly drop me an email if you have… Thank you 🙂


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