Migrated to WordPress


Sorry for the long absence… 🙂 Have been extremely busy at work, and also with the migration from Blogger to WordPress! Hooray! I can finally have categories!

Ok, will be back with more… stay tuned!

Sincerely, Violet

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  1. Heya Violet! Switching to wordpress is a good decision. it’s more ‘professional’ and it suits you…. 😀


  2. Welcome to the club~!


  3. Hi Rudy! Thanks for your unwavering support! 🙂

    Hiya Loong! Hey – you are using WordPress too? I finally made the switch… after living with no categories for too long… and they have pretty cool plugins!


  4. Hi Violet I also use WordPress … and the plugins are definitely very good. I like your template by the way … very appropriate!


  5. New layout? This one reminds me of the one I had before I changed the template to my present one, but with different background pic of course….

    It’s really hard to decide with all those cool templates around isn’t it? 😀


  6. Dear Sir/Madam

    Hi, my name jon,
    We were juz setting up a new Singapore Blogsite list website.
    The reason i email is i was wondering if u would like to JOIN in to our blog toplist.
    Iz a standard toplist website wif web statistic review.
    http://Singaporeblog.net click join to sign in…
    Appreciate it if u do join us…

    jon loh


  7. irene /

    nice one ! very pleasant and sweet


  8. Loong-
    Thanks, I like this template as well! 🙂 Finally tweaked it to be the way that I want it to… and WordPress rocks! 🙂

    Yup… there are so many more templates to choose from compared to Blogger. Consider joining the club? 🙂

    Thanks for the invite! Will have a look.

    Thanks for the compliments! 🙂


  9. I might just do that one day, violet. 🙂


  10. Hi,

    Cool blog and 1 question? How do you tweak your template into this looks? Mind sharing? Could you email me the whole template. Thank you.


  11. Hi Kathy,

    I did not do much tweaking. You can download the theme from http://themes.wordpress.net/ The theme name is Yo Deejay!


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