I am a Columnist! Woohoo!

Wow, am so happy today! 🙂 I am now a magazine columnist! This is a first for me! Saw the article in print today. Wow, I almost cannot believe my eyes. The Features Editor CF was so sweet… she brought over a copy of the magazine for me. 🙂

It’s fresh from the oven! If you would like to read my first Relationship Q&A column, go get a copy of March’s Cittabella (Malaysia) today! 🙂

Ok (still smiling), time for bed. Will write again tomorrow… about ‘letting go’.

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  1. Congrats! That’s sooo exciting!

    The new blog format is much better, I think. I like that it is consistant with your company colors.


  2. *stands up and claps hands* Congrats Violet! Wow, this IS a piece of good news. I’m very honored to be one of your online friend…. 😀


  3. thatz great to know violet! but i dont get ur mags here 🙁

    anyways happy for you.


  4. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your kind compliments! 🙂 Haha… yay… tell me about it… purple & orange rule! 🙂


  5. Hey Snglguy,

    Thanks for your support! Much appreciated! 🙂

    Rocksea… thanks for your kind words… maybe if I find a bit of time, I will scan it and put it up. But the problem is… it’s in Chinese Mandarin… 🙂


  6. Omedetou~! Thought i’ll say it in japanese, since everyone has said it in english 🙂 Have always been proud of u


  7. Congrats Violet! Wow, I’m so happy for you.

    So, what does it take to be a Columnist? Simply, write in a fixed “column”? haha 🙂


  8. germo,
    Thank you, thank you! Am really touched by your kind words… I will continue to do my best ok? Kampatei!


  9. Kloudiia,

    Thanks for your congratulatory note… haha, no I write in ‘rows’ :p


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