Blog Revamp

Spent the last 4 hours working on re-designing the blog! 🙂

Do you like the new look? Well, it’s not as pretty as the last one, with its nice borders. But I like the clean look, and of course, it’s in my signature colour. 🙂 Think this is less cluttered and easier to read.

Ok, taking a break from my PC now. Will be back with the 5th instalment of Tip or Myth!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Revamp

  1. Heya, how are you? I thought I stumbled onto another site by accident, haha. 😀

    Anyways, this is one a lot is simpler than the last one, and the fonts are a bit bigger so it’s easier to read. Why don’t you put a pic on the header to spruce it up? It looks kinda empty and lonely up there with just the title… just my two cents.

    Looking forward for the next installment, LOL! See ya!


  2. loong – Thanks for your feedback!

    snglguy – Ya, I am going to ask my colleague’s help to do something nice for the banner. 🙂 I am not too good with Photoshop…!


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