Lost Happiness?

Hiya! In case you thought that I have disappeared, it’s just that I have been so busy gorging myself silly with Chinese New Year goodies!!! 🙂

Have been slightly irritated these couple of days with some work issues. Hence, have been grumbling and complaining to my poor sounding board… my hubby. 😉

Then… I came across one of those motivational posters that they sell at MPH. It says:

Every minute you are angry is 60 seconds of happiness lost.

Wow! So profound right? I have decided not to be angry anymore. Yeah, I know, that’s virtually impossible, but I am making a conscious decision to be less angry.

It’s a happy day! Woohoo! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Lost Happiness?

  1. “Every minute you are angry is 60 seconds of happiness lost” … well if you are not angry, it does not always mean you are happy. You may be sad, stressed, sleepy etc. =)


  2. Hey Violet… maybe, just maybe, singles are happy too (just caught the tail end of your talk show).

    Happines is not always without anger. The presence of anger denotes the presence of love. The presence of love denotes happiness (wah… sound like Yoda). In any case, humans are filled with lots of emotions – to deny them rather than process them is to deny we are human. Sure, we can stop being angry, but the most important is to acknowledge we are angry, then find out if that is useful, or if we need to understand ourselves better. Anger is a barometer of our personal sense of self-control.


  3. Hey Loong – I agree with you… angry and happiness are not direct opposites of each other. Guess the quote struck a chord with me that day, as I did not want to spend time being angry. 🙂


  4. Hi Stuart –

    Nice of you to drop by! Coincidentally… I have come across your blog recently 🙂

    Hey… I never said that singles are not happy people… to each his or her own. We should not impose our values on others.

    Just that personally… I feel – as a society, we should be more encouraging and supportive to people who are single and searching, rather than label them as desperate. I think you get my drift… 😉

    I like your your analogy… ‘Anger is a barometer of our personal sense of self-control’. I think what I am looking at is detachment. As you say, when the feeling of anger surfaces, acknowledge it, and then let it go. Because as you have rightly put it, it’s better to acknowledge it than suppress it.

    Hope to see more of you! 🙂


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