Must We Sleep?

Have not been updating as often as I would like to. Well, you have got Jamie to blame. :p As part of our plan to be healthier this year, we are now sleeping before 12am. In the past, we would not go to bed until it’s past 1am. I am seriously not used to the current sleeping habits, even though we have been doing it close to 2 weeks. Jamie’s pretty serious about it though! So, we have been keeping up with it. I keep waking up at odd hours. Think my body is still adjusting to the shock.
And now, it’s time to sleep again. I wish they could invent a pill that help me no longer need to sleep yet look as if I have had my 8 hours of beauty sleep. When will that day come?
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3 thoughts on “Must We Sleep?

  1. i am aiming at 10.30 pm, it feels good the next morning, but so far, i could do it once in a week… life is so short after work, not many hours left to myself after a 9-5 job


  2. I hope that pill never gets invented!

    Having the luxury of relaxing sleep and lazing in bed is the bestest thing ever to me!



  3. Irene, yes… there’s not much time!!! By the time I get back home it’s close to 11pm, and by the time I wash up etc… it’s almost time to sleep again!!!

    Anonymous… most of my friends think I am crazy too… but guess cos I have been getting good sleep most of the time, I do not enjoy the luxury of sleep as much as others… 🙂


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